Isn’t logwood amazing?

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of dyeing with logwood.

So what is logwood? According to the Wild Colours website, logwood is a tree originally found in the forests of Central America. Obviously it’s not something you can easily grow in your back garden (well, not here in rural Lancashire) so the best way to buy it is either as a powdered extract or in the form of chips of wood. Logwood gives purples and, if overdyed, can produce blacks.

I tried the extract and found it’s a very strong one. I used about 5 grams of the powdered extract and it just kept on yielding colour, getting progressively weaker, eventually producing some excellent greys.

Some purples and greys from using logwood

This shows some of the big range of colours I obtained by using and reusing the same pot of dye. I dyed various weights and types of silk, linen, cotton and wool.Threads dyed with logwood - shading to grey

And here are some of the thread colours as well. I dyed silk, wool and cotton threads which all yield different colours.

I’ll write some other posts about techniques I use, about mordanting fabrics, the results from different dyes….


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