A bit more about City & Guilds…

The other day I wrote a post about what I’d learned from doing the City & Guilds Certificate and Diploma courses in Stitched Textiles. Today’s supplementary thought about this is how fortunate I’ve been to be able to do these courses. I remember reading a while back on a US blog (can’t remember which one) that there is no equivalent of C&G in the USA; the blogger pointed out that we’re very lucky in the UK to have such courses. Having said that, the UK provision of part-time college courses has diminished in recent years, and you may not be able to find what you want at the local college. Still, if you can cope with distance learning, this is always an option.

I was wondering what, if any, equivalents of C&G Stitched Textile courses exist in other countries. Hand stitchingIf you’re reading this from outside the UK, perhaps you could let me know via an email or comment about any course of study you’ve undertaken in textiles and stitching. How did you learn your skills? Was it via a formal course of study? And if so, what course did you do?

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