Blogging statistics

I meant to mark my one hundredth blog post in some way, but it passed me by, as does so much else…. This is the 106th post, and it’s just a few days under one year since I started blogging. I’m pleased that the average works out at two posts per week which is what I originally aimed for, although I’m aware that coverage has been a bit patchy at times. Never mind, I can always resolve to do better.

Looking at Google Analytics today, I see that 1006 people have visited my blog over the year. Many of them have not come back, but the bounce rate is very low, so at least they mostly stick around for long enough to read a few pages. I seem to have more regular readers in the UK than anywhere else – of the top ten cities in the analytics list, six are in the UK, two in the USA and one in Australia. The tenth is described as ‘not set’ meaning, I suppose, all those computers that are not identifiable by location.

Anyway, just saying…. I find this all moderately interesting….

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