A lovely collection of textiles

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to see and handle a lovely collection of textiles. We were invited to lunch with some friends and fell to talking about textiles. I knew they had collected some examples on their extensive travels in the Middle East and Africa, but hadn’t actually seen much of their collection. Below are photos of a couple of the pieces from their collection. I’m afraid the photos are, as in the last post, not top quality as they were taken on the iPhone in less than optimal light conditions. The first image is a detail of a Persian woven rug/hanging. The bright red is one of the most colourful sections of the rug which successfully combines a vast range of colour in the most skilful and striking way. The piece is around 2m in length and 1m across. It’s absolutely lovely, and the colour combinations are obviously the work of someone extremely skilled.

Persian rug/hanging detail

The second piece is a detail from a large embroidered hanging which our friends bought near the Egyptian/Libyan border. Embroidery - African?I think I’ve seen something like this before in John Gillow’s African Textiles book, but I’ll have to wait until I get home to read up about it. In the meantime, if any of you know more about this type of embroidery, please leave a comment. If I do track it down via John Gillow I’ll let you know.

The collection included some other striking items from India and Africa. There was a beautiful example of mudcloth from Mali. I’ve bought a couple of these as presents for significant birthdays recently from the African Fabric Shop, and would dearly love to have one myself. Maybe one of these days….

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