Cool red, warm red

I’m quite a fan of the cool red/hot red colour combination. Most of the stitching I’ve done recently has been in greys and earth tones, and having finished a large piece just recently, I thought I’d splash out into bright colour for a change. I’m thinking about produced a sample using some of the fabrics and threads that I dyed with cochineal last summer. I’ve not managed to find any use for them so far, and it’s about time I did. As a taster for this, I decided to use a couple of sketchbook pages working with the reds. Here’s a photo of one of the pages:Cool red/hot red

For this I used Derwent Inktense blocks and pencils. You can use these on paper and fabric, with or without added water. I laid down some block colour and then used my new waterbrushes to add water in a fairly precise way. (I wrote about waterbrushes in my last post). You’ll be starting to think I’m sponsored by Derwent, but actually, no. (If anyone from Derwent is reading this, I’m open to suggestions!) – I just think these are really good products.

The black is two different widths of fineliner which I applied once the page had dried out. The design is based on something I did years ago. I used transparent acetates and permanent marker to make three different random designs – just a few blobs and shapes. Then I laid them over each other until I got what I fondly imagined to be a pleasing composition. Great fun to do with little time or effort involved. Anyway, I used one of my drawings taken from the acetate shapes as a basis for this design. I don’t suppose I’ll do anything with it in any direct way, but at the moment I just want to play around with the colours before I move to fabric. Finally, here’s a detail: Cool red/hot red detail

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