My resolution to do more drawing

I managed to hold to my resolution to do more drawing, although I would, of course, have liked to do more. A friend gave me a rather magnificent bunch of lilies which I’ve been enjoying for days and I decided to do a couple of quick sketches of them. The vase of lilies was against the background of a strong light from outside which meant that when I sat at the table they appeared very dark, almost in silhouette, with very little detail showing. So that’s how I decided to draw them, concentrating on the shapes. The first drawing is of the flowers:Lilies in silhouette

These photos were taken with my iPhone which took it upon itself to decide that flash was needed. This seems to have bounced back off the paper, and the photo is not good. However, I don’t have my camera with me at the moment, so this will have to do.

Then I decided to turn my attention to the leaves, which I think worked rather better:Lily leaves

This is just a detail but you can get the general idea. I felt quite inspired by this, and would like to develop it further. Still, I think that about lots of ideas and never quite manage it….. In this case, it would be interesting to do something with the negative space, possibly by adding some colour, or reversing the black/white. If I copy the image when I get home (I’m currently away on holiday) then I could try a few different approaches and maybe some different papers. But I suspect I know what will happen when I return: I’ll get completely absorbed in everything else that needs doing and will probably forget all about this. Still, I’ve got the drawings, and they’re a possible future source of inspiration.

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