Favourite textile and stitching books: Quilt Artistry

‘Quilt Artistry’ by Yoshiko Jinzenji is one of my favourite books. If you’re not aware of her work, I do recommend you have a look. The book’s subtitle is ‘Inspired Designs from the East’, and one of the most interesting aspects of it for me is seeing how Yoshiko has combined Western influences (notably from Amish quilts) with her own unique aesthetic. That aesthetic is one of apparent pared-down simplicity  – I say apparent because it’s clear once you start reading the detailed descriptions and diagrams that her processes are far from simple and that the outstanding results she achieves are the result of a huge amount of thought and very precise work.Quilt Artistry

The author is very generous with her detailed technical instructions. I find these valuable, not because I have any intention of copying her projects, but as an insight into how she undertakes the process of making. One aspect of her work that I particularly like is the recurrence of regular geometric shapes, especially the square which is probably my number one favourite shape. Here’s a very striking composition:Squares composition

This is a personal reworking of a very familiar pattern and theme in quilting. The choice of colours is stunning. This is an example where the detailed maker’s description is really helpful in enhancing the photograph. This is a floor mat, and its construction is appropriately sturdy.

Another example of Yoshiko’s use of squares:Baby quilt by Yoshiko Jinzenji

This is baby quilt, of which there are several beautiful examples in the book. It’s just exquisite.

There are many more examples of her work on Yoshiko’s own website.

I hope you can see why this is one of my favourite books. It’s a joy to look at, and every time I open it I see something new that hasn’t struck me previously.


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