I forgot to tell you….

When I wrote the post about the triangles sample yesterday I forgot to tell you that I’d taken it into hospital with me a few days ago. I was having a minor operation and was expecting there to be periods where nothing much was happening (I was right about this). I was hungry and, most especially, thirsty while I was waiting for the operation, and doing some stitching helped to take my mind off the discomfort and general anxiety. So, there I was, stitching away, and a nurse came in. She immediately came round the bed wanting to see what I was doing and we had a great talk about the pleasure of making things. She went away and another nurse came in, and pretty much the same thing happened. It was so cheering. I’ve occasionally had this experience before when I’ve been sewing on the train, and it’s just lovely when a conversation starts up about it. Another good reason for taking your stitching with you when you travel – or go into hospital….

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