Getting things finished

Looking back, I see that in August last year I wrote about creating some nine-patch pieces of quilting. I started off with the intention of creating a sample based on the old quilt I saw at the Festival of Quilts. Here’s the photograph of that quilt again:Ann Howe 1890 - 1900

And here’s the photograph of the beginning stages of the nine-patch pieces:Nine patch quilting pieces

Sometimes, life just gets in the way and getting things finished turns out to take a long time. However, I am usually a finisher, even if the process is long and convoluted, and I’m pleased to report that I have now produced a completed sample.Patchwork sample It’s taken ages to produce this piece, and I’ve mostly worked on it in lots of short bursts of a few minutes at a time. When I look at it now I am reminded of the day I finished it off by doing the hand-quilting. I had the most appalling toothache, and felt very low because of it. However, I stuck to the stitching doggedly throughout that day, being unfit to do anything else, and I’m sure it helped. I’m pleased with the finished sample because I think it contains the elements that I liked about the original, but is not a slavish copy. I like the colour combinations, and the effect of using a range of different fabrics. This has habotai silk, silk brocade, dupion silk, cotton lawn, wool and a little bit of linen. I love mixing fabrics up.

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