What I’m stitching right now

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a layered stitch sample that I’d completed. It was inspired by seeing the Paul Klee exhibition at Tate Modern. I was pleased with the technique and thought I’d take it a bit further into a larger piece and got cracking straight away. I’m nowhere near completing it, but I thought I’d show you progress to date.Layered fabric sample

The plan is to have the main area of bright colour placed towards the centre of the sample, with duller greyscale colours on the outside. However, I’ve found previously that these plans can be deceptive; you select a set of rather sombre colours, but then put them together and suddenly by some magical process the finished piece seems a positive riot of colour. The pale green in the foreground looked grey when I selected it, but now it’s definitely green. It seems to me sometimes that the subject of colour is just inexhaustible and that I’ve done no more than nibble at the remotest edges of it. Still, like most things that are worth doing, it’s not likely to be easy.

The next photo, below, shows the same work from a different angle. Layered fabric sample - close upThe colour that looked pale green in the first photo now looks much more washed out and grey. You just can’t be sure of anything, but I’d have to say the first photo looks more accurate to me. I’ll keep plugging away at this – there are still some quite large areas to stitch, and I’m enjoying the process.

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