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What I’m working on right now is an entry for the Carrefour Européen de Patchwork. Carrefour Européen de PatchworkThis is for their show which takes place on 18-21 September 2014, and the entry has to be in by around the end of June. I’ve been thinking about it for the last three or four weeks; I’ve done some drawing and sampling, and I’ve collected it all together in a sketchbook – just like you do for City & Guilds, so I guess I’ve really absorbed the work habits I acquired doing the Certificate and Diploma. Then last week I bought the materials – fabric from Whaley’s of Bradford and threads from the local sewing machine and craft shop, Hobkirk’s of Blackburn. I find it impressive that Hobkirk’s keep going; it can’t be easy these days. Their sewing machine range includes Brother, Pfaff and Husqvarna but not Bernina, so I had to buy my machine elsewhere, but I try to support them by buying threads there whenever possible.

Anyway, back to the Carrefour; I thought I might as well give this a go, although I found their chosen theme ‘Imagine’ a bit of a facer. However, I’ve been working on several ideas, and yesterday I got going on the making. It’s going to take me a while as there will be a lot of hand embroidery in it. Can I get it finished by the deadline? Well, watch this space and I’ll let you know. My supposition is that I won’t get it finished in time, but then I thought the same thing when I was working on my entry for Living Colour! last year. And I did manage to finish that with a couple of weeks to spare. We’ll see.

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