Stitching inspired by Paul Klee – finished piece

Back at the end of January I wrote a post about a piece I was working on, inspired by my visits to the Paul Klee exhibition at Tate Modern. I’ve allowed myself to become distracted by other projects, but I was quite resolved to get this piece finished, and now I have. Here’s a photo of the completed piece with my embroidery scissors alongside to give you an idea of scale.Paul Klee inspired piece

This represents quite a lot of hours of work because I find working satin stitch is quite a slow process. It’s far from being my favourite stitch, but I did enjoy working this piece. I like the way the various layers of different coloured fabric show through the stitching, and have the effect of subtly altering the perceived hue of the stitches.

Paul Klee inspired piece close upHere’s close-up of the stitching to show you how raggedy and uneven my satin stitch can be. This is partly because I’m too impatient to spend time on getting it perfect, but also because I’m still having trouble with my right thumb (I wrote about this quite a while ago). I mentioned this to the doctor the other day and he sent me off for an X ray of the offending object. I’ll see what he says when the results come back but I have a nasty feeling that the problem may be arthritis.

I do like this effect, and I will probably do more. I was thinking about trying out something a bit more linear (as opposed to blocks) next time and will post about it if I do. For the time being, though, I want to concentrate more on continuing my experiments in dyeing, and also on doing some more prolific work for my course which has been rather neglected of late.

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