A larger piece using whip stitch

Whip stitch close upA couple of posts back I was talking about whip stitch, and said that I’d be working on a larger piece which I’d show you when it was finished. Well, amazingly (as my completion record hasn’t been too good recently) I’ve finished it and here it is. Below there’s a photo of the finished piece, and on the left there’s a close-up so you can see the stitching. I used a piece of lightweight felt as a base, then layered some shiny silk gauze on to, then stitched into it in wavy lines. Pretty easy to do and a pleasing effect. We did a long car journey a few days ago and when it was my turn to be the passenger I sat and sewed this piece. Makes a long journey seem shorter.

Incidentally, this is the first post I’ve written on the iPad. And I’ve used photos taken with the iPad. I don’t know why I harboured the suspicion that this would be a difficult thing to do… As with most iPad activities it’s amazingly easy and intuitive.

Whip stitch completed piece

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