Layered fabric sample

Here’s a layered fabric sample I’ve been working on over the last three days. It’s small – around 9cm x 9cm but even so, there’s quite a lot of stitching in it.Layered Fabric Sample

The base is lightweight calico with small pieces of other fabrics laid on top of it: white cotton organdie, silk organdie (grey/silver), a small piece of Indian brocaded fabric (bottom left hand corner) and over it all a very sheer piece of black organdie. I basted these layers together and then embroidered little blocks of satin stitch all over the surface. The idea for this came from – who else – Paul Klee. One of the many techniques he experimented with was a kind of pointillisme where he covered the surface of a painting, not with dots, but with little blocks of colour. The effects he achieved with this are quite amazing. Here is an image of one of his best-known works: Ad Parnassum (1932), which uses the block painting technique.Ad Parnassum by Paul Klee

This is actually a very big painting by Klee’s standards so the photo doesn’t really do it justice. I should add that I’ve not seen this particular painting; unfortunately it’s not in the Tate Modern exhibition. But I hope you see the point, and see what I was trying to do in this tiny sample. I’ve used very sombre colours in the black/grey range (apart from the yellow, of course), and maybe next time I sample this technique I’ll go for something a bit more colourful.

Finally, here’s a close-up of my sample:Layered Fabric Sample - Close up


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