A little bit of drawing

I said in yesterday’s post that I’d been doing a little bit of drawing. And it really is just a little bit. I would very much like to get into the habit of drawing every day but I’ve never been able to quite manage that. There are times when I do better but it’s never a daily habit. This means, inevitably, that I don’t draw as well as I’d like. But at least I draw sometimes. Here is a drawing of some figs I did the other day. Figs September 2014What doesn’t come across in the drawing is that they had a most delicious figgy scent, so it was a pleasure to be around them. When I’d finished the drawing I ate one, and that was even better.

When doing this, I was concentrating on getting the placement and proportions right. Even though nobody else is going to know whether the figs are drawn accurately, I know, and I try to get it right. This means that when I’m drawing something where accuracy really matters, like a face, then there’s an increased possibility of accuracy.

Of course, accuracy isn’t everything, but I think it’s important in this type of observational drawing to attempt to get close.

There were a couple of different light sources falling on the figs, which is why the shadows are complex. I really like that….

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