Living Colour textiles draws to a close

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Brenda Gael Smith, who has curated Living Colour Textiles, to say that the final exhibition would be taking place in Des Moines from 10 September to 3 October. So by now, it’s all done and dusted. It’s been lovely to get a series of emails from Brenda keeping me and others up to date on the stately progress of the exhibition around New Zealand, Australia and the USA. It must have entailed a vast amount of work for her, and I’m so pleased to have been part of it. Soon she will be sending my well-travelled piece back to me.

Brenda is organising another travelling exhibition ‘A matter of time’. The closing date for entries is 15 January 2016. I have an idea for a piece, and indeed had the idea quite a while ago, but have not yet got round to doing anything about it. If I can exert myself to put in an entry I will do so. The volume of entries is likely to be high, so it’s quite a competitive enterprise with a relatively small probability of success. But you never know….

A matter of timeClick on the image to go to the Matter of Time website where you can find all the details for entry. And why not have a go? There’s still time.



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