The other day, in London, I went to Loop, an excellent wool shop in Islington. It’s in Camden Passage (number 15) which is full of interesting and quirky little shops. Islington in general is worth a detour if you’re visiting London. (Nearest Tube is Angel, on the Northern Line). Here’s a photo of the shop, which is a little gem:Loop Islington London

It’s small, but the retail space is on two floors, so not quite as tiny as the photo might suggest. The upper floor has sofas and chairs where you can sit and leaf through the pattern collections at your leisure. Some of the wool is up there, and some downstairs on the ground floor, as shown in this photo:Loop interior

Pretty, or what?

I spent ages in there, choosing a pattern and then trying to work out which of the available yarns I could buy without having to take out a bank loan. It really is pretty expensive, but on the other hand, the range of wools is just gorgeous. And operating a retail outlet in this location is, no doubt, incredibly expensive, and I guess the prices have to cover such overheads. Anyway, I ended up buying some Madeline Tosh hand-dyed wool. This comes, as do many of the yarns in Loop, from the USA. The range of colours is stunning and the wool has the most wonderful feel to it.

Because I was there on a wet Tuesday afternoon, the shop wasn’t especially busy, and the staff were really helpful. I imagine it could be a different story on a busy Saturday in such a small space, and if/when I go back I’ll try to go on a weekday.

I can’t get on with this project until I’ve finished the dark blue jumper I’m currently knitting with a lovely Rowan yarn. And of course, I shouldn’t really be doing any of this knitting and should instead be getting on with stitching projects. But what the hell. It’s up to me, after all. And the bonus of knitting, at least simple knitting, is that you can do it while watching the telly, or even while reading a book. Can’t really stitch and read a book at the same time…..

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