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A couple of posts ago I wrote about the dressmaking I’ve been attempting recently. This is a follow-up to that post. Where I left it (cliffhanger) was that I was about to start the blue linen version of the top that I first made in broderie anglaise. I’ve just finished it, and am reporting back to say I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. The blue linen, which is medium-weight, is more substantial than the broderie anglaise, and I think it works altogether better. I wouldn’t try this pattern in anything more heavyweight, though.

I’ve been reading a number of dressmaking blogs recently, and have discovered that there are some women out there who are brave enough to post photos of themselves wearing the garment. This has encouraged me to take the plunge. There’s nobody about at the moment to take a photograph of me, but I thought I might venture a selfie to give you some idea of the outcome. So, here it is – me in the bathroom mirror:Maker's Atelier top #2

What do I think about this? Well, I love the colour and I like the material very much. Because it’s linen, if you cast a sideways glance at it, it creases. Can’t be helped. It’s very comfortable and I’m pretty sure I’m actually going to wear this.

What next? When I was in London the other day, very briefly, I went to the Cloth House in Soho, a shop I’ve loved ever since I discovered it a few years ago. This was quite an effort for me, as I was lugging a suitcase, computer case and handbag around with me, and it was the day when they recorded the hottest temperature in England since 1976. And they’ve got the road up on Berwick Street outside the shop, so it was a struggle to get in there. But I’m glad I made the effort as I had a lovely time looking around and the staff very kindly let me stow my suitcase away in the back of the shop.

Well, I could have bought vast quantities of cloth, as there was so much there that I liked. But I restricted myself to two pieces, both Japanese cottons in different blues. There’s enough in each to make either a long top or a dress. I’m going to use this Maker’s Atelier pattern for one of them. I’m thinking about changing the neckline again, as I like a V neck and I think it should work with this pattern. And, obviously, if I make a dress I’ll be lengthening it. I won’t add any more length to the sleeves, as I think where I’ve got the pattern at the moment, just above the elbow, is fine.

I also bought a length of calico so that I can make another toile, and a card of some rather good vintage buttons. Oh, and a remnant of black cotton, which I might use to back my embroidered piece (see last post) if I ever get it finished. The assistant very kindly threw in the remnant as a gift, which is good policy of course, as it makes me more inclined to go back there. And indeed, to recommend it via my blog. The Cloth House is not super-cheap but the fabrics are beautiful and the range is very inspiring.

So, more on this in due course……

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