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I was busy yesterday sorting out my Picasa files of photographs, doing a bit of editing, deleting and generally having a tidy up. I’m thinking a lot about photographs at the moment for two reasons: first I’m setting up some pages for Pinterest and second, I’ve just bought a new digital SLR camera. No doubt I will post some more about both of these developments in due course.

For the moment, I thought the website might be a good place to collect some sources of inspiration which I’ve found particularly striking.

The first in the series – urban decay – went up on the website yesterday evening. I’ve plans to post some more as I continue to sort through my photos. All of the photos currently on the website and blog are taken with a Sony compact camera which I’ve had for many years. It’s served me very well but the quality of photograph is not really good enough, hence the purchase of the new DSLR. All I’ve got to do now is work my way through the 387 pages of the instruction manual and I will be good to go with the new camera. I’m currently up to about page 16 so this could be going to take some time…..

So far I’ve not used any of the photos in the urban decay series as direct sources of inspiration, although I’ve thought a lot about the beauty and texture of decay since I came back from Sicily.

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