New Year’s intentions

Over the holidays I’ve been thinking about my intentions for 2014. I don’t want to call them resolutions, as this seems too firm and fixed a phrase. If you make a resolution, then don’t follow it through, you might end up feeling a bit of a failure. Resolutions imply change, and any kind of big, permanent, change is very difficult. But an intention seems less focused and so it’s less of an issue if you don’t actually achieve it. Maybe, paradoxically, an intention is more achievable than a resolution, just because it’s a bit more fuzzy round the edges.Happy New Year 2014

So, what are my intentions? They are relatively few, and relatively achievable, because I don’t want to be faced with a lurking sense of failure come February. As regards this blog, my intention is to publish a blog post at least twice a week on average. This is the intention I started off with and it’s been just about do-able so far. I won’t saddle myself with this intention for the whole of 2014, though. It may prove too unrewarding, or too difficult, life may get in the way, or I may run out of things to say. So I’ll keep on reviewing this one.

A second intention is to do something creative every day, even if it’s just five minutes stitching or a photograph or a quick drawing. I really don’t know to what extent I already do this. I’ve done something creative every day during the Christmas break, but that’s easy because there’s been a fair amount of spare time. I’ll try to keep some kind of tally of my success with this one.

An important intention is to cut back on work. I’m self-employed which makes controlling the workload simultaneously easier and more difficult. I can, and do, turn down work and can arrange to have quiet periods or even days off in a way that’s not easily achievable if you’re in a job working for someone else. But, on the other hand, it’s often tempting to accept work if it’s offered. This year just ending has contained far too much work, and I want to get it under control.

A fourth intention should be a breeze as it’s continuing something I’ve already established as a habit. In June I started eating a low-carb diet and have continued with this ever since. I have cut out sugar, bread, rice etc. and my intention for 2014 is to carry on eating like this indefinitely. I have lost a modest amount of weight, but the benefits are mainly to do with increased good health and energy. If I can continue like, this the extra energy should easily take care of intentions 1 to 3 above. The festive season is a challenge, but I’ve come through this with only a few minor deviations (e.g. the sugar in the wassail that I posted about last time).

So it’s onward and upward rushing towards 2014. I’ll be back here soon, with another post before the end of the week.

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