Nine patch

Over the weekend I’ve been making some nine patch pieces. Nine patch quilting piecesThese are mostly made of silk but the russet coloured piece in the middle of the main patch here is lightweight wool and there are some cotton patches in the piece with the needle in it. I love mixing up fabrics. I’ll make a few more and then think about what to do with them. These are one inch squares, so pretty small and fiddly. But relaxing to do, and very small so they can be easily carried about when travelling. I spent the weekend in Ludlow in Shropshire, which I think I’ve mentioned previously on this blog. It’s a fantastic place with excellent shops. I bought some clothes, rather expensive but lovely, and had a good time looking round the market. On Saturday it’s food, on Sunday antiques and general junk.

Just a short post today. I’m off to London in a few minutes, for a meeting tomorrow. I’m going again next week for one or two visits (number of visits dependent upon stamina) to galleries. Today I’ll be staying at Earl’s Court so if the weather’s not too hot, and if I have the energy I might walk up to the Victoria & Albert Museum for a cup of tea and a wander about.

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