Pantone mugs

The other day I ordered some Pantone mugs, which arrived today. It’s been a delight: I enjoyed the process of selecting the six colours I wanted from the list of those available, and I enjoyed unpacking the mugs today, seeing and appreciating the colours. An unexpected bonus was that each mug has a little label on it in sturdy cardboard which exactly reproduces the colours. Here’s a picture of the labels:Labels from Pantone mugs

Aren’t the colours lovely? My favourite at the moment is the acid green (top row middle). I shall have to try very hard not to smash any or all of them. The other day I broke a rather unusual mug (Prince George satirical christening mug) which I felt bad about. I felt even worse when I found out that it can’t be replaced as it was one of a limited edition. At least if I break one of the Pantones I can easily replace it. And I’ll still have the labels which are too beautiful to throw away.

I think I feel the need for a cup of tea coming on – but which of the gorgeous mugs shall I use?


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