It’s taken me a while to come round to Pinterest but now I’m quite the enthusiast. I’ve been impressed by the boards that some talented people have put together, so a few days ago I decided to have a go myself. So far I’ve put together two boards: Yellow Ochre and Chromatic Grey and I’m full of ideas for others. It’s (obviously and duhhh for not spotting it earlier) a very good way of keeping an ordered record of things that you find particularly impressive. And of course, there’s no end to the possible themes and combinations. Pinterest logo

Working on these boards has been completely absorbing. If you’ve not tried Pinterest, do have a look.

How easy is it to get set up on Pinterest? Well, fairly; I’d have to say it’s not completely straightforward. Trying to import a picture for my header was not easy. I made several attempts, checked out the help function and discovered that this is a common problem, so then decided to abandon the attempt for the time being. Next time, I looked,however, there was the picture in the header. It actually worked but looked as though it didn’t. I had a very similar problem with trying to get Pinterest to recognise this website address. Having eventually abandoned the attempt, I then discovered that it had worked after all.

But now that I’m set up finding my way about on Pinterest is easy and intuitive. Wish I done it ages ago.

I’ve added a Pinterest icon on my home page (right hand side) so you can click on that any time if you want to see what I’ve been up to.

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