Playing around with surface texture

A simple way of playing around with surface texture is to use whip stitch to create bumpy lines in fabric. Jean Draper’s recent book (Stitch and Structure: design and technique in two- and three-dimensional textiles) explains how to do this. (I see, incidentally, that this book has so far gathered 22 5 star and 2 4 star reviews on, and I’m not surprised – it really is good and if I get round to it I’ll review it in a future post). I’ve been having a go at this, and below are two of the samples I’ve produced so far:Using whip stitch to create a textured surface

The first, in black and white, is using a woven, patterned cotton fabric of quite loose weave. I think that using a patterned fabric can produce some rather interesting effects, and I’m quite pleased with this. The loose weave texture makes it lovely to work with, and I wish I had more of it. This fabric was used to wrap a small piece of pottery that I bought from an artist in France last year, so it’s just a fragment. Using whip stitch on felt

The second sample uses an oddment of felt that I got out of an Oliver Twists Lucky Bag. I laid a small scrap of silk organza over the bottom left hand corner, just to see what it looked like. (I do wish, incidentally, that Oliver Twists had a shopping website. I usually buy something from them at the Knitting and Stitching Shows).

As I was pleased with these and the other samples of whip stitch that I produced, the next stage is to produce a larger piece. I’m busy working on this right now, and will post a photograph or two when it’s finished.


  1. Catherine, do you know that Oliver Twists have an Etsy shop with some stock to buy online. Haven’t used it yet but might save the 12 month wait! Love your samples.

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