In praise of the iPad Air

I thought I’d just write a very brief post today in praise of the iPad. I’ve been using a PC for many long years; I was quite an early adopter of the technology so I’ve accompanied Microsoft through a huge range of software innovations. In the early days I was quite the enthusiast for both hardware and software and was not averse to fiddling around with the inside of the machine to install extra memory, new video cards and so on. Like many other PC users, I’ve patiently (well, more or less patiently) coped with software that didn’t really work properly, spent hours on unhelpful helplines, reinstalled crashed operating systems, shelled out extra cash for virus software and so on.iPad Air

Although, for years,  I’ve admired the Apple range of products from afar for their outstanding design I haven’t actually invested in any until very recently. But last year I had to replace my phone and decided to go for an iPhone. I was impressed by the sheer beauty of the object but even more so by its user-friendliness. You switch it on and then… well, it just works. So I suppose I was softened up for the latest Apple addition, an iPad Air bought just over a month ago. Well, in short, it’s fantastic. After buying it I spent a few minutes in the Apple store being instructed by a friendly employee in how to set it up. That’s all it took. I got home, switched it on and found it instantly recognised our wi-fi (not all devices do) and off I went.

I think the thing that’s impressed me most is the excellent quality of the screen. It makes everything look so beautiful. This website and blog, for example, just look so much better on an iPad. We’ve made the decision to move over to a digital subscription for the Guardian, and with the cash saved we can afford to take out a sub for the Financial Times as well. I’m sorry about abandoning print but not as sorry as I thought I would be. Reading the Guardian on an iPad is an excellent experience. I’m even thinking about subscribing to Embroidery in the digital edition. (Have any of you reading this gone for the digital Embroidery? Any views about it?)

The downside to the iPad Air, and indeed to other Apple products, is the price. I realise how fortunate I am to be able to afford to make the investment in this technology. But the product really is excellent and I don’t feel so bad about the hefty price of it now. I use it every day….

Actually, that wasn’t such a brief post, was it? I’d better stop burbling on and get back to work.

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