Prism exhibition

The Prism exhibition ended a couple of weeks ago, but they’ve been weeks packed out with work for me, so I’ve not written any posts of late. Regular readers may have noticed this – sorry! I had a grand day out at the Prism exhibition on the 8th June, but boy, was I exhausted by the end of it. I went down to London on the 7th and stayed overnight, then travelled back up north on the evening of the 8th. The weather was poor and there were storms with flash floods in London on both the 7th and 8th. However, despite the weather there were plenty of enthusiastic visitors to the exhibition on the 8th, and they seemed to be having a good time. There was a lot to see and absorb, but also I spent quite a lot of time chatting both with the visitors and with the other Prism members who were stewarding that day. As I barely know anyone from the group it was a great opportunity for me to make some contacts.

It was a lovely ego boost for me to see my three pieces in the exhibition. It’s a pity that none of them sold, but on the other hand I did sell some of the smaller pieces and cards. Just at the moment, I don’t actually know which ones sold because my daughter collected the unsold work at the end of the exhibition. It’s as well for me that she was willing and able to do this, because otherwise I’d have had to make another expensive trip to London. So, the unsold work is currently at her house, and I won’t see it until I go down in August. Once I’ve got the work back I’ll be able to think about alternative outlets for it. I’m quite inclined to set up on Etsy but I’ll have to ponder further on this. It’s all time and effort… and I continue to be short of time. Work does get in the way.

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