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Well, OK, I should have written something about Prism’s ‘Another View’  in Birmingham before now. And especially as it’s now weeks since the exhibition closed. I did my day of stewarding in the first week of the exhibition, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d had my dental implants done nine days earlier and, in retrospect, it would have been sensible to rest up for longer before I put in a full day at the exhibition. As it turned out the day I took my turn at stewarding was the first day I could have possibly managed to be on my feet for that length of time. We travelled up from Newton Abbot in Devon, where we stayed for several weeks in April and May, up to Birmingham the night before. I do like Birmingham, although I’m not well-acquainted with it. There is much of interest there, especially for anyone who is keen on the Industrial Revolution, gritty industrial architecture and shopping. Oh, and if you’re an aficionado of large, noisy roads that slice through a city centre making it difficult for pedestrians to get about, you’ll love the place. (I think the city was not well-served by developments in the 1960s).

The exhibition was at the RBSA (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) which is a gem of a place in the Jewellery quarter just out of the city centre. RBSA gallery BirminghamThe building contains three floors, and the two upper floors were given over to the Prism exhibition. There was some excellent work in this year’s show, and it was very well exhibited in this beautiful space. I spent most of my time on the top floor as I was looking after the small shop. There was a steady stream of visitors during the morning, many of whom were regular visitors to RBSA, and who were not necessarily well-informed about textile art or Prism. The reaction to the exhibition was very positive and supportive indeed, and I enjoyed talking to the visitors.

A good thing about stewarding, as I discovered last year, is that, as well as talking to visitors, you also get to meet other Prism members. On this occasion I was stewarding with Ross Belton (see some of his images on Pinterest here) and Paulene Cattle, and I had an absorbing and interesting talk with both of them about all sorts of things.

So, in sum, a grand day out, even if I did feel utterly wiped out by it. With a bit of luck and good management I’ll have completed all the implant-related treatment by October, so should be in rather better shape for the Hoxton exhibition. Let’s hope….

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