Resolved piece – whitework on paper

Earlier in the week I said I’d write another post about progress on a more resolved piece of whitework on paper. Well, here it is, and somewhat to my surprise it’s actually finished; I got a second wind with it yesterday and managed to complete it.Whitework on paper - resolved piece

As with the sample, I drew ovals freehand on a piece of watercolour paper, and then cut them out using a craftknife. Then I used as many different Richlieu and cutwork techniques as I could think of to fill in the cut holes. I think I’ve made a few of them up myself. Some are more successful than others, it has to be said. I’ve used only one thread for all of this – coton à broder which is one of my favourite threads. I bought a very large hank of it in écru, but it’s nearly all gone now.

If I extend this work, it would be interesting to use a more limited range of styles, perhaps using identical repeats. I don’t know – I’ll see. Maybe it’s time for me to draw the whitework to a close and get back to colour. But dipping my toe into whitework again has been a very pleasant interlude. I’ll no doubt return to it someday.

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