Just a brief post today on a little serendipity. You’ll know, if you’ve read my most recent posts, that I’ve been preparing work for sale in the shop at the Prism exhibition. I took lots of photographs of the pieces before I sent them off. The day was dull, with heavy grey cloud and constant rain, so I put the pieces as close up to the window as I could manage. And this is one of the photographs I got:


I mounted most of the pieces onto white or cream mountboard, but put a couple onto black, which can create a bit of drama. The black mountboard with a layer of cellophane on top of it was particularly difficult to photograph because of the reflection. But, and this is the serendipitous bit, look at what a lovely pattern it creates on the left hand side. The reflection is partly of the teapot on the windowsill, but mostly of the tree immediately outside the window. Here it is, cropped, so that you can see it in a bit more detail:Serendipity image

I think I can use this. Not sure what for, but I think it’s lovely.


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