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I keep an eye on Google Analytics to see how many people have a look at my website and blog, and to mark my recent two-year blogging anniversary I thought I’d share some statistics with you. Over the two-year period I wrote and published 144 blog posts. While this looks like a big number (or at least it does to me as I’ve written them all) this is just under 1.4 per week so nowhere near the target I set myself of publishing two posts per week. There have been gaps for illness, though, and of late I’ve mostly averaged around 2 per week. So, no more than C for effort. Although I do keep an eye on visitor numbers I’m nowhere near as assiduous about this as I used to be, and I’m less bothered if numbers are low. I get relatively few visitors at weekends, for some reason. What are you all doing, I wonder?Google Analytics logo

In total, over the two years from 21 October 2013 to 21 October 2015 I got 7343 visitors, almost exactly ten per day. I’m suspicious of this number, though. There was a spike in visitor numbers over the summer months earlier this year and a peak in the bounce rate (which is usually very low), so I think there was probably something wrong with the way Google Analytics was tracking and counting visitors. The visitor numbers have since returned to more normal levels. Disregarding the spike over the summer, there is a gradual upward trend which is pleasing. Just under 29% of my visitors are from the UK, with the US second at 22% and, surprisingly to me, Brazil third on 5.6%. Welcome, Brazilian readers! I’ve had visitors from 126 countries – isn’t that just wonderful?

I like numbers, especially simple ones, and I find statistics really quite interesting. I wish I were good at maths, though. Recently, while I’ve been stitching I’ve been listening to old BBC Radio 4 broadcasts, and have been very taken with Marcus du Sautoy’s ‘A brief history of mathematics’. There are ten brief programmes of 15 minutes each where MduS explains the work of one or more famous mathematicians. Usually, he loses me pretty early on in the broadcast as regards understanding the maths. It’s not that he’s bad at explaining, but rather that this stuff is so inherently complicated. I remember slogging through geometry, including 3 dimensional objects when I was a girl, but I really can’t begin to understand what he’s on about when he explains objects in multiple dimensions. I understood what he was saying about Gauss and statistics because I’ve done stats courses and I can cope with the jargon. But most of it’s way, way above me.

I love listening to the radio or to stories while I’m stitching. More and more, it’s been music on Radio 3 (the BBC’s classical music channel), but there’s not much to beat a really good story.  I may squeeze a bit of stitching in towards the end of today, but for the moment I cannot procrastinate any longer and must get on with some work.

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