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I was having a quick look through the daily Pinterest update (for boards I follow) and my attention was grabbed by some student sketchbook images. I followed the link through to the Student Art Guide and was mightily impressed. I read some of the pages while I was having coffee, then afterwards as well, and have spent quite a bit of time on it. It’s a comprehensive website that covers topics of interest to those studying art and related disciplines (so, yes, textiles as well) at high school level. The website was founded by Amiria Gale in New Zealand, an experienced art teacher, but it has obviously grown quite a bit and now contains articles both by her and by other teachers.

I’m guessing that most of the people who read this blog are somewhat older than most high school students, but I think Student Art Guide has articles of interest to most of us, whether or not high school is a very distant memory. Much of the advice on putting a sketchbook together, for example, would be very helpful to those studying City & Guilds, and the tips on how to create excellent observational drawings could be helpful to anybody.

The examples of sketchbook work completed by high school students (A and AS level here in the UK) are both wonderful and inspiring. If you are putting together a sketchbook I urge you to have a look at these impressive pieces of work. If you have school age children who are studying art, and they don’t already know about this resource, please tell them.

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