New inspiration page: architectural ornament

If you click on the ‘Inspiration’ menu tab, you’ll find a new inspiration page: architectural ornament. I’ve had these photos stored for the last three months, intending to edit them and put them into a gallery for the website, but I’ve only just got round to doing it. I went out with my camera one day into the streets of a little town in the French Pyrenees, intending to look for ornament, and found straight away that I was spoiled for choice as there’s just so much of it. As I note on the page itself, the houses which have these ornamental features are mostly quite small and poor, but their builders obviously felt it was worth the effort to make them individual by use of ornament. This is just a selection of the photos I took inside half an hour. There are some striking shapes, textures and colours in there. If you feel inspired by any of the images, well, get to work!Architectural ornament

The NextGen Gallery software I use has a range of possibilities for displaying photos, and I’m trying out a new one on the inspiration pages. I think I rather like it. I may try out some of the others so if the appearance of various pages changes from time to time, that’s why. Just me having a bit of a play.

I’ve plans for at least one more inspiration gallery and I think I’ll try to do it soon. If I leave it for any length of time I’ll forget how to do it, and will have to learn it all over again. Which is what happened this afternoon.