More on developing an idea

Today I thought I’d follow up my last post by writing a little bit more on developing an idea. I’ve filled a few sketchbook pages with some different approaches, but using the same theme as previously. Sketchbook work using white soluble pencil

Last time I wrote about the A3 book of Khadi paper. Mostly, it’s off-white, but there are a few pages of a thinner, but still robust, brown paper. As I’d reached one of these in the book I decided to work through the design in white. This is using a white water-soluble pencil, then adding a wash of water. It doesn’t actually dissolve very well in water but it’s enough to add some interesting visual texture. When I did this, a week or so ago, I didn’t have a Derwent Inktense pencil in white. However, I have now. I was in London last week for a meeting in the Strand, which is very near the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, and also Charing Cross Road. I was rushing to get the train home, so stepped smartly past the galleries (one of which I would definitely have visited if I’d had more time), but stopped for a very brief look at Cass Art. If you’re familiar with London and keen on art you will certainly know about Cass Art which is a terrific place to shop for pencils, paper, paint etc. The shop on Charing X Road is very small, but they have a big branch in Islington and another big one in Hampstead both of which I’ve been to. When I first discovered it, they didn’t do mail order, and didn’t have any branches outside London. But they do now, so do have a look.

One of the things I bought at Cass Arts on my brief visit was a tin (24) of Inktense pencils. I’ve held back from doing this in the past because I was concerned that I wouldn’t use them and it would be a waste of cash. But I’ve got through so much Inktense recently I think I can justify it. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

Sketchbook work in silver acrylicAnd here’s what I did on the other side of the brown page. I had to press on rather hard with the white pencil and when I turned the page I found a clear impression of the design. I filled in the negative space using silver acrylic paint. The brown lines are slightly raised and I’m pleased with the effect, even though it’s really pretty accidental.

I’ve got more ideas for things to do in this book, and will add another post if and when I get round to them. Unfortunately I’m short of time; chateau Gowthorpe requires quite a lot of redecorating and, instead of going on holiday, we’ve decided to stay at home for a fortnight to slap a bit of paint around and generally spruce the place up. Today I’ve been rubbing down paintwork and getting very dusty and tired, so not much arty stuff going on here at the moment.