PS – Mordanting

I forgot to mention in last week’s post about mordanting that there is an exception to the rule that fabrics must be mordanted before natural dyeing can be successful. Natural dyes - indigoThat exception is indigo, for which the whole dyeing process is also somewhat different from that used for other natural dyes. You can skip the mordanting process when dyeing with indigo – you just put the unmordanted fabric straight into the dye bath. I’m still on holiday in the South of France at the moment, but one of the things on my ‘to do’ list for when I get back is some more indigo dyeing. I have a quilting project in mind that will use some natuarally-dyed blues and purples, so I intend to build up some stocks. More about this, no doubt, in a future post.

The picture in this post shows just a few of the wonderful shades that can be achieved with indigo dyeing.