I don’t often get any response or comments to these posts, and it’s very gratifying when I do. My friend Laura emailed me the other day to say she’d been looking at my pictures of textured walls (these are featured under the ‘Architectural Ornament’ heading on my ‘Inspiration’ tab). Laura identifies the correct word for plaster ornamentation of this type as ‘pargeting’. Occasionally in the UK you come across the surname ‘Pargeter’ which indicates that somewhere in that person’s ancestry is a person who specialised in plaster ornament. It’s such a lovely word – right up there with gusset, pejorative and flange which are some of my favourite words.

I do love the tendency to ornament which is so evident in some forms and eras of architecture, craft and design. Here’s an example of pargeting from The Heritage Directory:Pargeting

Lovely, isn’t it?