Forgetting how to do things: shisha mirrors

I was working on a little felt appliqué sample the other day, which I’d decided to embellish with beads and mirrors. I like shisha mirrors. I hardly ever use them, but I felt quite confident that I could apply them easily. That is, until I tried to do it. I threaded the needle, put some foundation stitches in to hold the mirror down and then…. well, then I got stuck. I watched a video tutorial on applying mirrors by Laura Kemshall in the DMTV series that she produces with Linda Kemshall (very good; you have to pay an annual subscription but you get a new video almost every week and it’s worth it). Unfortunately, although I understood what Laura was doing in the video, I couldn’t quite manage to copy the technique. So then I tried a website that shows, with still pictures, how to apply the mirrors. I had a bit more success with that, but I’ve ended up applying five mirrors and they all look different. Oh well, perhaps it’s age…. Here’s a photo of the mirror element and another close up of some beading from the same sample. Felt appliqué sample with shisha mirrorsFelt appliqué sample