I’ve known about TextileArtist.org for quite some time, but have only recently started having a really thorough look at it. If you don’t know about it, do click on the link as it’s well worth a look. The site is really professional and it looks great. It’s run by Joe and Sam Pitcher who are the sons of textile artist Sue Stone. She must be bursting with pride….

There are lots of interesting interviews with artists. I’ve been looking at it most days over the last month, and I still haven’t read them all. Also, there’s some brilliant technical stuff. I was very interested in the article about how to photograph your textile work and how to avoid the obvious pitfalls. It’s actually a really difficult thing to do and I learned a lot from the article. I still haven’t really bottomed my camera and I need to put in some serious time on it, but the last batch of photos of my work that I took looked better than previously, so the article obviously helped.

Another great feature is a set of articles on how to build a website. I do wish I’d been able to read these before I built mine. I’ve written previously about the process I went through in building this site and I won’t bore you with it again, but I would really have appreciated the kind of specific guidance provided by the chaps Joe and Sam. I’m pleased to see, as well, that they thoroughly recommend having a blog. Blogging is quite a lonely business, as some of you will know, and sometimes it’s tempting just to leave it or to throw in the towel altogether. But I feel encouraged to continue because of their recommendation.

Keeping a blog and a website going, even on a somewhat skeletal basis (like this one!) is quite a lot of work. But the chaps at TextileArtist.org must put in a huge amount of work to achieve what they do. Well done them.

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