Thinking about soil strata

Well, as it happens, I was thinking about soil strata a couple of days ago, after watching a really interesting prog on telly (and there aren’t too many of them about). Chris Beardshaw (well-known British gardener for anyone reading this outside the UK, or anyone inside the UK who isn’t interested in gardening) spent a whole hour presenting on the subject of soil. One of the places he went to was in Scotland. There had recently been a landslip and the soil strata were laid bare. Soil strata, to my mind, are very beautiful and interesting. Here’s a photo I found on Google Search, just to show you what I mean:Soil strata

When I was doing my City & Guilds Diploma I got interested in roots for one of my projects. I washed off and drew various roots out of the garden, with a view to developing a stitched piece on the subject. In order to develop the background I read up about soil strata, and did some sampling. Here’s the finished piece I came up with:Roots - finished piece

The background is made with layers of wool tops, dry-felted using the attachment on my Bernina. The blobby bits at the bottom are offcuts of Margo Selby silks dry-felted into the wool – a very effective technique, I find. The thicker bits of root are wools, couched over with plain off-white stranded cotton, tapering down to couching over threads and, finally, stem stitch. Anyway, thought I’d share this with you, as I was thinking about it. I liked making this, and have contemplated working on a related series, but haven’t yet made any progress on it. One of these days, maybe…..


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