Thinking about triangles

Yes, I’ve been thinking about triangles recently. I’m keen on geometric shapes and my all-time favourite is the square (e.g. my piece that’s currently on display in the Living Colour! exhibition comprises a series of squares), but that doesn’t prevent me appreciating and thinking about other excellent shapes. An important limiting feature of the square is that the only thing you can do to it is make it larger or smaller. But triangles have a lot more potential for variation. I didn’t much enjoy learning geometry at school, but I do remember liking to draw triangles with my protractor and dividers. And I especially liked the names: not so much equilateral, which is a bit dull, but isosceles and scalene which are lovely words. One of the few advantages of being a maths teacher must be the opportunity to work these words into conversation, an opportunity that doesn’t otherwise arise very often.

I’ve been planning a quilted piece based on triangles for a while now, but haven’t done anything about it. Maybe I’ll get round to it eventually. Most of my stitching time is taken up with working on my entry for the Carrefour Européen du Patchwork (I wrote a post about this last month). However, I do have a sample in production, which is just something for me to carry around and do when I’m not at home. I was away for a few days over the weekend and did some stitching on it. The stitching started off as straight-edged blocks, but I was intrigued to see some triangles started to emerge. I hadn’t really planned this, but then I hadn’t really planned any of it; it’s just a sample to keep my hands busy. Here’s a photograph of the work in progress:Sample with triangles



And another below:

Sample with triangles

This piece, incidentally, uses some of my naturally-dyed fabrics. The yellows and oranges are onion-skin dyed, and the blue is logwood. Once I’ve finished this sample, I think I’ll go on and do some more pieces with triangles. I’m also collecting images with triangles for a Pinterest board; there’s not much on it at the moment – a mere 15 pins –  but I hope to add to it over time.

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