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Have you seen this – the second issue of the ‘Through our Hands’ online magazine? It’s really rather good; anyone who’s interested in quilting, stitching, or both should enjoy it. In this edition, I especially enjoyed reading about Bobbie Britnell’s bark shoe work, and about Eszter Bornemisza (whose work I very much liked at the FoQ). Also, the review of the Folk Art exhibition at Tate Britain, because I’m hoping to get to see it. (I’ve got plans to see both this AND the Matisse at Tate Modern next Wednesday, but may find this programme is just too ambitious).

And amazingly, this 76 page magazine is available free. It must be a huge amount of work for the editors – Laura and Linda Kemshall and Annabel Rainbow – and I hope they keep up the awesome effort involved in this. As a person who’s written, although in a very different field of endeavour, for money, I’ve been very struck by the change that’s come about because of the Internet over the last ten to fifteen years. Back in the days when information was disseminated through books and magazines only, you could write an article and be paid for it. More recently, an assumption has built up that content is, and should be, free. I’ve got some sympathy with this, as I’ve benefited like many other people, from free content. However, it’s consequently somewhat tough to make a living or even an adequate return from writing. Books never paid that much, on average, to the writer unless you were a JK Rowling, but at least they paid something, and you could probably earn a few quid from a magazine article.

Writing, as we bloggers know, is not like falling off a log. It requires a lot of effort, and I think the editors and writers of ‘Through our Hands’ should be congratulated for their beautifully produced magazine. It looks especially good on the iPad.

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