Triangles sample finished

I’ve finished the triangles sample that I wrote about last week and here it is all hemmed and tidy. Triangles sample finishedYou can see from the photo that it’s not just, or even mostly, about triangles, because they started insinuating themselves as I was working. However, it’s been enough to make me think that I must do some further explorations on the same theme, so watch this space….

A very useful feature of simple running stitch is that it can suggest movement. In the close up you can see the effect of movement suggested by the triangles placed in different ways on the cloth.Triangles sample completed I like this, and would like to explore it further. This sample is really very plain, which I like, but there’s room for more complexity in the design. With stitching I think you learn certain things through practice that cannot be learned in any other way; not through books or instruction or even video demonstration. You have to actually go through the process yourself, absorbing the fine motor movements over a long period of time, and this is one of the joys of hand stitching. I’ve learned something from this piece of stitching, as from them all, which, I trust and hope, will feed into future samples and projects.

I think my next move with triangles will be to do some drawings and possibly paintings, and then I’d like to start piecing some triangles together. I won’t be getting on with this in the very near future, though, as we’re shortly going on holiday. I’ll be taking some handstitching with me, and will continue to write posts about this and that while I’m away. The holiday involves a long train journey there and back, and I know I will enjoy my time on the Eurostar and French railways (especially the latter; the TGVs are so comfortable, especially when compared to most British trains which are cramped and vile) having a good time stitching for many hours. Just hope my thumb holds up….

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