More on triangles

Today, a little bit more on triangles. Over the last few days I’ve been busy, as usual, with other things. The weather has been wonderful and I’ve spent some time trying to beat back the enormous weeds in the garden. However, I’ve found time for a bit of playing around with triangles. Here are some of my monochrome, or largely monochrome efforts:Triangles - monochrome

This is s simple drawn grid, coloured with three different greys in the Karismacolor range of coloured pencils. These pencils, incidentally, are wonderful – waxy and highly pigmented. I bought a large supply several years ago when they were still available in the UK. I think they may still be sold in the US – any intel on where I could buy some more would be very welcome. I’m gradually running out of colours and I’m being very parsimonious with myself in the use of the greys in particular.

Triangles - freestyle

This is a freestyle doodle of joined up triangles. I cut the sketchbook page into a triangle shape so you can see some of the drawing underneath. I really like this trick – you see an image with hints of other images around it.

Finally, another freestyle set of triangles, with some shapes emphasised. This is all great fun to do – none of this takes a long time, but it’s really useful to see what can be done with just one shape.

More freestyle triangles

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