A useful bit of kit

I haven’t talked much on this blog about equipment for sewing. For much of what I do, and probably for what you do, basic things like needle, thread and some cloth are pretty much the sum total of what you need. When I go to stitching shows these days I try to avoid buying a lot of stuff that I’ll just have to find space for. However, sometimes you do come across a useful bit of kit, and today’s blog post is about one such example: a plastic thing for holding your sewing machine bobbins. Here’s a photo:Plastic bobbin ring

It’s made out of a tough but flexible plastic. As you see, it’s simple; you just push the bobbins into the ring. The really clever aspects of the design are that the bobbins don’t fall out, and that the loose ends are secure and the bobbins don’t unravel all over the place. You can hold it upside down – the bobbins stay in place. You can drop it – the bobbins stay in place. You can roll it around the desk or the floor – the bobbins stay in place. You’re getting the idea: the bobbins don’t come out until you pull them out. Simple but brilliant.

I liked it so much I bought two. Here they are:Plastic bobbin holder

They’re available in red, blue or, as shown here, lavender. I bought mine from Barnyarns.

Good, eh? Incidentally, in case you’re wondering, I’m not on commission. I just like the product.



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