Visual texture

Visual texture… crumbling and peeling and staining….Visual texture

I took this photograph earlier in the year on a visit to the north-east coast of England. Exterior paintwork doesn’t stand much of a chance in this climate; this is the interior of a shelter on the seafront at Whitley Bay which is exposed to the wind from the sea at all times. We were at Whitley Bay again last weekend which is what made me think about the series of photographs that I took. I found them today on Picasa and decided to crop one and feature it in today’s post. The photograph is much larger than this, but I like using Picasa’s cropping feature to home in on detail like this.

I’ve not done much stitching at all recently. I’m busy with work but also trying to fit in home and garden maintenance. Last week I bought 350 tulip bulbs and 100 allium bulbs. Planting these turns out to be a lot of work, but if they all come up the garden will look spectacular in the spring (a photo will, of course, follow on this blog provided it does look good). So far I’ve planted around 1/3 of the bulbs, so there’s a long way to go and not much time before we set off for our holiday next week. Will try to keep posting – lots of people look at this site now, and I feel ashamed and laggardly when I don’t write two posts per week. Must try harder…..

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