Well done me

Today it’s three months since I published my first blog post. When I started this I was curious to see how long I’d keep it going as I’ve read that most blogs fold or are abandoned within three months of starting. So I thought if I got to three months I’d be doing OK. Moreover, I’ve pretty much kept pace with my original intention of posting at least twice a week (allowing myself a week off at Christmas). So well done me. Fortunately I’d read enough about blogging to understand that I’d be unlikely to get any comments for a long time (if ever), apart from spam. (My blog seems to have been colonised by French spammers, most of them flogging luxury goods. However, the excellent spam filter takes care of them). Knowing this I have not been too dismayed by the almost total radio silence from any genuine readers. Google Analytics has been a big help in keeping me going, because I know that there are people out there who are looking at this regularly, and that each week brings some new people to the site. Some of them look only once, and then are gone, but some stay. To all of you who are reading this – thanks.

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