Whaley’s of Bradford

Just a quick note today about Whaley’s of Bradford and their impressive service. I’ve ordered fabric from them three times in all. There’s a huge choice, they’re happy to send samples and they deliver very quickly. Last week I received my latest consignment from them and was surprised to find two separate one-metre lengths of Andrea Wool Crepe fabric, where I’d ordered only one. It’s fabulous fabric and it takes dye beautifully (see other posts e.g. on onion skin dyeing). However, it is expensive which is why I’d ordered only one metre of it. I supposed there had been an error, but rather than sending the extra length back, I contacted Whaley’s and offered to pay for it. After a quick exchange of emails it turned out that one of the lengths was just short of a metre and, as they sell only in multiples of a metre, they wouldn’t be able to sell it. Therefore, they’d thrown it in as a freebie. This stuff is around £22 a metre, so that’s quite a freebie. Anyway, I was impressed and pleased, so I thought I’d tell you about it.

Beautiful day here today in Lancashire. Spring flowers looking fetching, the sky is blue (doesn’t happen often, so worthy of comment) and trees and hedges are coming in to bud with a gorgeous manifestation of spring green. It’s so lovely I thought I’d just mention it….

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