White alliums

So, white alliums. Or should that be white allia? I’m not a big fan of blogs that major on photos – Wordless Wednesday and the like. Personally, I prefer the balance to be towards more text and fewer garden photos. However, I’m making an exception to the rule by putting up a photo taken in my garden today. White alliums

The alliums seem to have been on the verge of flowering for ages, but they’ve finally come through and they are spectacular. The stalks are very long – up to around 4 feet and the white flowers look wonderful against the background of the hornbeam hedge. I put these in last autumn in great abundance. I’ve discovered the truth of something I first read many years ago – that if you want your garden to look amazing you should plants lots of a few things. I used to buy one or two plants of a particular type, stick them in and then wonder why they didn’t make much impact. Pretty obvious really. I planted around 150 allium bulbs, enough to make a bit of a splash, and sure enough they look great. I wonder why it is that it takes so long for the penny to drop sometimes….

All well here, although not much stitching getting done. I’ve been away in London – more on this next time.

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