Yet another whitework sample on paper

Yes, folks, it’s yet another whitework sample on paper. I’m really rather taken with working on paper, although I should add that it’s more like card than paper as it’s quite a thick sheet from a watercolour pad. Another whitework sample on paper

I cut out some ovals, using a craftknife, and then tried to use a range of techniques to fill in the spaces. The red backing is more watercolour paper, painted using Derwent watersoluble pencil. The techniques are drawn from Tracy A Franklin and Nicola Jarvis’s book on whitework, which I like very much. This sample is based – very loosely – on Chapter 4 on Richlieu work and cutwork.

Whitework techniques do tend to be labour intensive and this one is no exception. I didn’t keep an exact note of how long it took me, but it’s not a quick process. I don’t have much interest in reproducing very detailed examples of old-style whitework, but the techniques (drawing threads, cutting holes and filling them up again, etc) are interesting and well worth trying out.

This is really just a fragmentary sample but I’ve used it as a basis for a somewhat more ambitious piece. I’ll get back to you on how I’m doing with that later in the week.


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